Love Is Not What Left

When you needed compassion from your mother to honor your own grief, the poison of co-dependency made her shove dirt in your mouth instead of love. She may need you to never get better so you stay. The heart in you must be so dehydrated, from half-built everything that should be built, it can’t turn red.

When Tammy Spoke

It’s ok to feel that darkness of not knowing self-love, because to feel it will serve you. Who we think we are meets the person we actually are, and it just takes a decision followed by commitment to change again, and again, and again. Don’t be afraid to look at yourself fully, surrender, and endure it.

Hills and Valleys of Healing

Things happen. People leave. Life crumbles. Rock bottom isn’t always rock bottom. No one is immune to the emptiness these disappointments induce. To get through the hills and valleys of life with a broken wing, it's hard because it has to be; it's painful but it's real. I believe in this process is where we find that hunger inside us that refuses to turn back.